St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello girls and boys,

can you believe that it’s the last day of the school week already?  Let’s start with our calendar and prayers.

Let’s get moving – I’d like you to watch this version of the story and then join in with the dance at the end.

Phonics – today we’re going to play a game.  You’ll need a tray, a tea towel to cover the tray and about 6 different objects.  If you have things related to nursery rhymes that would be great.  Maybe you could have a spoon, a small doll, a tin of magic beans etc.  You’ll need your grown up to help here.  The aim of the game is to remove 1 object and see if you can work out what it was.  You and your grown up can take turns.

Teddy picture – you’ll need a big piece of paper and some other paper you can scrunch up plus some glue.  First ask your grown up to draw the outline of a teddy on the big piece of paper.  Then you’ll need to rip the other paper into small bits and scrunch it up!  You’ll need quite a lot so get scrunching.  When you’ve got quite a lot stick them onto the teddy quite close together.  It should look great.

Let’s make a chair – hopefully you’ve been able to collect some tubes from the toilet rolls, you’ll also need some card or paper and some sticky tape.  All I’m going to say is can you make a chair for Goldilocks?  I’m not going to give you a picture or any ideas except go and have a look at the chairs next to your dining table.

Teddy bear picnic – Gather all of your teddies, dolls and anyone else you want to come.  You’ll need some plates, cups and spoons.  Can you have a wonderful picnic.  What food will you have?  Will you have anything to drink?  Would you like to make an invitation before the picnic or a thank you for coming card afterwards.

Story time – here’s another lovely story to finish the week with.

We are so looking forward to seeing your photographs from today!  Hopefully we’ll be back together soon and can have our own picnic.

Stay safe and look after each other x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon