St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

The story we are going to look at this week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   I bet you’ve already heard this story, can you remember what it is about?  Do you have the story book?  Maybe you could go and get it.

Stick puppets – Here are the puppets that I normally cut out and stick onto lolly sticks.  18.1.21 – puppets goldilocks

Let’s start the day in the normal way 18.1.21 – internet

Literacy – today I’d like you to watch and listen very carefully to the story.  Before you watch it can you remember who the characters are?  Do you know where it was set – a castle?  under the sea?

Phonics – can you watch and join in with Geraldine as she practices her m sound.  Please listen very carefully, it’s pronounced mmmmmmmmm and not EM.

Maths – can you help the bears with their cakes

RE – last week we started practicing the Our Father, I’d like you to keep practicing that today.

Can you talk about why you shouldn’t go into stranger’s houses.

Pencil control – please can you make a sorry card to the three bears, apologising for going into their house and breaking a chair.

Practice putting on and taking off your jumper.  Hopefully you’re getting so much better at putting on and taking off your coat and shoes, so let’s try something new this week.

Stay safe children and hopefully we’ll be back together soon. x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon

PS, We’re going to be doing something with toilet roll tubes later on in the week, so you might want to save a few.