St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Happy Monday everyone!

We hope that you’ve had a lovely weekend. Please keep sharing your work and photo’s, they are so lovely to see.  This week, we are going to do quite a bit of rhyming, junk modelling and trying to be more helpful.  We’re also going to be making some bread on Friday, so you might need some ingredients for that.

Let’s update our calendar and do our morning prayers.

Literacy – This week our story is going to be The Little Red Hen.  Have you heard of it before?  It’s such a lovely story.

Here are the puppets that I use in nursery if you would like to use them.  You might have some small animals that you could use instead.  25.1.21 – stick puppets

Phonics – Here’s Geraldine again.  Today she is looking at the s sound.  Can you find any things in your house that start with the same sound?

Today we are going to start rhyming.  You might have absolutely no idea what this is, so your grown up may need to help you.  It’s when the last sound of words sound the same.  So bat, hat, cat and mat.  These are rhyming words.  Just like mouse and house.  Can you think of any rhyming words?  Can you think of any words that rhyme with your name?

Maths – Let’s do a number walk.  Can you walk around your house and see if you can see any numbers.  Do you recognise any of them?  If you have some paper handy you could copy the numbers down.

Good friend – The story this week shows us that some of the animals were not being a good friend.  Do you think it’s important to be a good friend?  Why?  How can you be a good friend?

Draw / paint a chicken –  Can you get a big piece of paper and draw or paint a chicken please.  Then put it somewhere safe for tomorrow because we’re going to need it to decorate it.

Being helpful – We thought it would be a nice idea to try and join us all together.  So this week, we would like us all to try and be more helpful and then share what we’ve done.  We’ll write up who and how they’ve been helpful and put it on our tree at the front of class and share it with everyone.  You could make your bed, or set the table or help your sister put their shoes on.  We look forward to hearing from you all.

Rhyming song – this is a good video to help with rhyming.

Have a lovely day children.

stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon