St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello and happy Thursday to you all.

Let’s start today with our calendar and prayers.

Literacy – Today I’d like you to listen to and enjoy this fantastic story.

Which was your favourite part? Why?  Was there any bit you didn’t like?  Why?

Phonics – Geraldine is back today and she is practicing the a sound.  Do you think that you could now practice writing the letter a.

Maths – we’re going to do some more sizing today.  I’d like you to work out if these things should go to daddy bear, mammy bear or baby bear.  Who do you think will always get the biggest?  Who do you think will always get the smallest?  I’d like you to cut the objects out and then stick them next to the right bear. 21.1.21 – sizing

RE – Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple.  He was their baby boy and they wanted to thank God for him.  At the Temple they met Simeon and Anna who were both old and had been going to the Temple to pray for many years.  They were very happy to see Jesus and thank God for him.  Watch this clip. and then look at this picture. 21.1.21 – RE 1

  • What do you see in the picture?
  • Why did Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple?
  • Who were the people that they met?
  • Why did Simeon and Anna go to the Temple?

Now I’d like you to go and draw a picture of a candle with a flame, because Jesus is the Light of the World.  Or you could use this template and colour it in.  Please will you send the candle back to me so I can put it up in Nursery. 21.1.21 – Candle

Let’s make some porridge – What do you think we’ll need?  Maybe some oats, some milk and some different toppings.  Why not ask your grown up to help you make it and try it with different things, like banana or blueberries or even maple syrup.

How does it feel? – What fruit do you have in the house?  Please go and get some.  Today we are going to try and say how the fruit feels.  Is it hard or soft?  Is it squishy?  Is it spiky or smooth?

Mark making – you’ll need a tray or a shallow dish for this.  Please empty some oats into it and get something to draw with.  It could be a stick or a paint brush or something like that.  Can you make a pattern in the oats?  Maybe you’ll practice the a and m letters.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Dixon and Mrs Lamb