St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Hello there!

Let’s start with our calendar and morning prayers.

Literacy – Can you remember the story of the Little Red Hen?  There were lots of animals in it.  Today you’re going to hear the story again and when the chicken is there, I’d like you to pick up the chicken puppet.  When the pig is there, I’d like you to pick up the pig puppet and so on.  Enjoy the story.

Phonics – I bet you are getting much better at rhyming!  Let’s play a game and work out which is the odd one out.  28.1.21 – rhyming odd one odd

Here’s Geraldine again, with a different sound.  Can you find anything in your house that starts with the t sound?

Maths – Today we are going to play a counting game using some small world animals or raisins or cheerios or something like that. Can you put the objects onto some paper and count them as a group.  Maybe start with 4 objects.  Move them around into different arrangements and count them again.  Now try a different number.  Create sets of different amounts of objects to discuss and compare.

RE –  I’ve put together a little video of all of the beautiful candles I’ve received, I hope you enjoy it.

Let’s get moving – Do you have any ribbons or wands or even pretty tea towels handy?  Today I’d like you to put on some music, any kind you like and make a dance.  Don’t forget to twirl and maybe put a jump in too.

Animal Homes – Where do dogs live?  Where do cats live?  What about animals on a farm like a pig, where do they live?  What about horses?  They all live in different places.  I’d like you to draw or paint me a picture of an animal from a farm.

Being Kind – this week I have asked you to all try and be extra helpful.  I’ve written them on hearts and put them on the kindness tree.  Here they are

Pencil control – Today I’d like you to pick up your pencil and practice writing the s and t letters.  Maybe you could also practice writing your name.  Can you remember what letter it starts with?

Story time – here’s another lovely story with some rhyming words in.  Can you spot the rhyming words?

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon