St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning!

Let’s start today in our normal way by updating our calendar and saying our morning prayers.

Literacy – Here is a lovely rhyming story that I’d like you to listen to.  Please get your listening ears on, sit still and look at the pictures.  After you have heard the story, can you remember some of the rhyming words, what were they?  Can you think of any other rhyming words?

Phonics – Here is something lovely for you to listen to and join in with.  Did you recognise any of the animals? Did you join in with the songs?

Maths – Today we are looking at the number 1.  This is such an important number.  Do you know what it looks like?  Can you get your finger out and draw one in the air.  Now get a big piece of paper and write the number one in the middle.  Your job for today is to cut out and stick lots of things on it.  But only 1 of each thing.  You might want to stick one pom pom on, one button, one sequin, it’s totally up to you.

RE – Thank you for all of the candle pictures I have received, they are lovely.  I’ll put something together for us all to look at.

Today you’ll need to put on some calm instrumental music and have your candle ready.  You might also want to light a candle as a focus.  Please start by talking about what a celebration is and what celebrations you have been to.  What different ways are there of celebrating?  Can you remember who the church / parish family are?  Can you remember the story of when Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple, who did they meet?

Let’s finish by singing one of our favourite songs.

Let’s get moving – Jump up and find some space.  Can you move like an animal.  Let’s start with a chicken – make sure you flap those wings.  How about a snake – let’s slither around on the floor.  What other animals can you move like?

Sticking – Let’s get our chicken from yesterday.  You’re also going to need some paper to cut out some feather shapes or you might have some feathers.  Let’s get that chicken decorated!  I can’t wait to see them.

Nursery Rhymes – Here are some of the nursery rhymes that we have been learning.  Make sure that you sing along with them and use your fingers if you can.

Stay safe children x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon