St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello everyone!  I hope you are all wide awake and ready to do some jobs.

Let’s start the day in the normal way.  13.1.21 – internet

Phonics – today we are going to use music to make some of the sounds from the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

How does Jack sound when he is trying to sneak past the giant?  What could we use to make that sound?  How does Jack’s mam sound when she is cross with Jack?  What could you use to make that sound?  How does the giant sound when he says, “Fee Fi Fo Fumb.”  What could we use to make that sound?  Maybe you could use a tin and bang it.  Get your musical instruments ready and listen to the story again.  Remember to make your music at the right parts in the story.


Maths – You will need some things of different size, like a button, a toy car and a cushion.  You’ll also need a big (giant sized) footprint on some paper.  The first thing for today is to talk about the three objects, which is the biggest, which is the smallest?  Is the car bigger or smaller than the cushion?  Is it bigger or smaller than the button?

Next, have a look at the giant’s footprint.  Is this big or small?  Do you think we can find 5 things that are smaller then the footprint?  Can we find 5 things that are bigger than the footprint?

If you have time, you might want to play a game comparing the size of things.


  • Talk about what the children already know about celebrating in church e.g. Baptism, Christmas, Wedding.
  • Introduce the children to the term ‘Parish Family.’ Talk about the parish family celebrating.  Sometimes the parish family celebrates in church, sometimes outside church.
  • Show the children these pictures and ask:
    • Who are the people in the pictures?
    • What are they doing
    • Draw attention to the people, the priest, crucifix, benches, hymn books, stained glass windows, baptismal font, altar, lectern, notice board, etc.
    • Talk about which elements are the same and which are different to those in other celebrations, i.e. decorations, special clothes, special food etc. Say which are different.


Threading – Today we will be practising our threading.  You could either print off the harp (card would be best) and hole punch the holes, or use some card from your recycling or even a shoe.  You’ll also need a lace or a ribbon.  I’d like you to practise threading the lace / ribbon through the holes.  13.1.21 – threading

Pencil control – Please practise holding your pencil correct with your nippy fingers and trace the patterns.  13.1.21 – pencil control

Another story – here is another story I’d like you to listen to, it’s called Jasper’s Beanstalk.  What do you think it’s going to be about?  13.1.21 – jaspers beanstalk story

How’s it going with your shoes?

Have a lovely day

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon