St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

We’re going to start in the normal way today with our calendar and prayers.

Literacy – I’d like you to think about the story of the week.  Can you remember what happened at the beginning of the story?  What happened after that?  Here are some picture cards to help you.  Can you put them in order?  It might be easy to start with about six cards and then if you find it easy why not add a few more.  27.1.21 – story sequence

Phonics – We are going to try and do some rhyming today.  Can you remember what rhyming words are?  It’s when the endings of the words sound the same, like frog and log.  Here are some picture cards, can you match them up with their rhyming partner?  27.1.21 – rhyming cards

Maths – Can you get 10 pieces of paper (any size) and write one number on each piece from 1 – 10.  You’ll also need some things to count.  If you have animals to link in with the story that’s great, if not you can use anything you like – buttons, raisins, cheerios, toy cars etc.  Today I’d like you to carefully count objects and place them next to the number.  So next to number 1 you will have one object.  Next to number 2 you’ll have two objects and so on.  If you’re struggling with recognising some of your numbers, you might want to add some dots so that you can count instead of trying to recognise the number.

Pets – do you have any?  Do you know anyone that has an unusual pet?  How do you look after them?  You’ll need to feed them, but what else will you need to do?  Would you feed the the same things?

Singing – This is one of my favourite songs and I think you like it too.  Can you sing Old MacDonald using the normal animals and then maybe you could add some unusual animals too.

Junk Modelling – Have you been collecting some things we can use.  What are you going to make?  How are you going to stick them together?  Are you going to decorate it?

Story Time – Here is a lovely story for you to listen to, I think you’ll enjoy it.  Can you remember the rhyming words?  Can you think of any other rhyming words?

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon