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Hello boys and girls, 

we really hope that you’ve had a fantastic half term break.  Hopefully we’ll all be back together again soon.

Today is the first day of the school week, so it’s Monday and it’s the 22nd of February.  This week we are going to look at the seasons and the weather.

Literacy – I know we’ve listened to this story recently, but it’s a great one to start this half term with.  Let’s go on a bear hunt!  Remember to do the actions too.

Do you have this book?  Why don’t you go and get it and read it yourself.  Which is your favourite part?

Seasons – Do you know we have 4 seasons?  Have you heard about Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn?  Do you know anything about these?  Well these seasons happen one at a time and take us through the year.  Have a look at this. Seasons.

At the moment it’s still the winter, when it’s really cold and often we get snow.  Can you think of things that happen in the winter?  After the winter, comes the spring, when it starts to get a bit warmer and the plants start to grow again. If you go for a walk you might start to see little bulbs peeping up through the ground.  After the Spring, we have the Summer, this is when the weather is lovely and warm!  The flowers are normally in bloom, the grass grows and needs cutting a lot too.  And then finally we have the autumn.  This is when the leaves change colour and fall off the trees.  Can you remember that happening?

What do you like and don’t like about each season?  How does each season make you feel?  I love the spring because the flowers are starting to peep through the ground and it tells me that my favourite season is coming soon – I love the summer!

Maths – Today we are going to make a rain gauge so we can measure how much rain we get.  Do you have any ideas how we can do this?  In school, we’ll probably use an empty bottle, like a plastic milk bottle or a pop bottle.  Before we put it outside to collect the rain, we need to add some markings to help us measure how much rain we get each day.

Today’s weather – So we’re in the winter, what type of weather might we have today?  I’d like us to make a chart so that we can record the weather every day.  You might want to use these pictures  to help you or you might want to draw your own.  We’re going to do this every day, so make sure you have enough room to record the weather every day. weather-and-season calendar  

Outdoor walk – What better way to enjoy the weather than to go outdoors.  Get yourself ready and see what you can find.  Do you need your coat and wellies or maybe your sandals?  Maybe a scarf or a pair of shorts?  You might need your umbrella too. Are there any puddles you can jump in or run around?  Can you see any signs that spring is coming?  Why not take some photos while you’re out and then talk about them when you get back.  Can you remember what you saw and heard?  Don’t forget to try and put on and take off your coat and shoes yourself, these changing seasons often make us change our clothes.

Nursery Rhyme – We are going to try and continue learning a nursery rhyme every day.  Today is a great one about the weather.

If you have any spare time, there are some 30 minute melodies that you can play and sing along too.  Don’t forget to do the actions if you know them.

Puppets and Masks – This week I am going to share some nursery rhyme puppets and masks that you might want to use.  

Bear-Hunt-Role-Play-Masks         incy-wincy-spider-stick-puppets               Humpty-Dumpty-Stick-Puppets

Have a lovely day and stay safe 

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon

Grown ups – tomorrow you will need some ice cubes with similar items frozen inside them.  For example, you might want to freeze about 6 marbles individually in ice cubes.  We are going to try and work out how to get the items out of the ice.