St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Hi everyone!

Today is the last day of home schooling before we break up for half term.  

Let’s start our day in the normal way and update our calendar and say our morning prayers.

Literacy – Can you get comfortable and listen to this great story.  Can you remember any of the rhyming words?  What rhymes with frog?

Phonics – When we last played this game quite a few of you really enjoyed it. so I thought we could do it again.  You’ll need some objects that we can cover and then remove one.  Can you work out what it is?  If possible, try and use some objects that could be linked to the story.

Maths – You’re going to need some water today and some objects that can be filled – maybe bottles of different sizes, cups, spoons, a bowl and a funnel would be lovely if you have one.  You might want to do this over the sink, or maybe you could do it at bath time.  

Here’s another little video about the number 3.  If you have time, why don’t you practice writing the number.

Pencil Control – Here are some sheets for you to practice your pencil control.  pencil control

RE – During half term, it will be Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Usually Christians go to church and a Cross is made on our foreheads with ashes to show that we want to grow more like Jesus. It may not be possible for everyone to go to church this year.  Lent is the Church’s season of preparation for the celebration of Easter. It lasts for six weeks or 40 days.

The day before Ash Wednesday is called Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. ‘Shrove’ means being forgiven for the times we get things wrong. Traditionally pancakes were made to clear out all the rich ingredients from the cupboard before the start of strict fasting in Lent. Today we still keep Shrove Tuesday but during Lent we don’t have as strict a fast as people used to have.

During the forty days of Lent, Christians are encouraged to try to become more like Jesus by caring, sharing and helping. This helps us to think about other people. Lent is also a special time when we think about Jesus, how he grew in love and we try to grow in love, goodness, kindness and helpfulness like him.  How could you follow Jesus’ example by caring, sharing and helping?

Let’s make a Lenten promise card showing how ‘I want to grow in love like Jesus by…’.  I’d love to see your cards, so please email them into school.

Physical – I’d like you to go and get a large ball.  Can you practice rolling the ball along the floor to someone else.  Once you’ve got that mastered, perhaps you can practice throwing and catching it.

Nursery Rhyme – This is a great nursery rhyme.  Once you’ve mastered the words you might want to do the actions.

Story Time – Today we have a lovely story read by another person from Year 6.

It’s Valentines Day over the weekend, why not make your grown up a special card.  You could draw a picture or cut out and stick some lovely pictures on it.  Don’t forget to write your name inside.

Stay safe and enjoy your break!

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon