St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello everyone, we hope you are having a lovely week.

Weather Update – Let’s start by looking at the weather today.  Go and put your coat on and go outside and look at the weather, what is it like?  Remember to record it on your weather chart.

Yesterday was Wednesday, so that means today is Thursday and it’s the 25th of February.

Maths – Can you remember the different days of the week?  Let’s see if you can remember them. Can you remember what day it is today?  So what day will it be tomorrow?

RE – We listen to God’s Word when we gather at Mass.  This picture shows a story from the Gospel (Mark 10: 13, 14-16). Jesus loved everyone, he was kind and gentle.  When the children saw him, they wanted to go to him to listen to his stories and just be with him.  Mark 10_13-16

In the story how does Jesus welcome the children? (he is smiling, he places his hand on a child, someone on Jesus’ knee, someone leaning on him). What do you think Jesus might be saying to the children?

Now I’d like you to make a picture of yourself and put it next to the picture of Jesus.  Can you please send your picture into school for us to see.

Seasons – what can you remember about the different seasons? Can you remember their names?  Look at these pictures, how are they the same and how are they different?  Seasons differ

Mark Making – Do you know what a rainbow looks like?  What shape is it?  What colour is it?  Can you please paint me a rainbow.

Story Time – Today’s story is Splosh.   

Nursery Rhyme – this is one that we’ve already learnt, but it’s to do with the weather, so we’ll do it again.

Don’t forget about our school Jerusalema Dance Challenge.  Why not learn the steps and then send your video to school using

Have a lovely day and stay safe

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon