St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Hello, I hope you are enjoying this week’s story!

Let’s update our calendar and say our morning prayers.

Literacy – Can you remember what the story is about this week?  Who are the characters?  Can you tell me all about it and use these pictures to help you put the story in the right order.  4.2.21 – sequence the story

Maths – Let’s practice doing two actions.  Can you do 2 claps?  Can you do 2 flashes?  Can you 2 do stamps?  Can you do 2 taps?  What else can you do 2 of?  Remember to be very careful and only do 2.

Let’s get moving – Here’s the story of the week again, but there are some movements to do at the same time.  Can you join in and copy the moves.

Make a troll – That nasty old troll that was under the bridge was a right character.  Can you make a troll today.  You could draw a picture of him, make a puppet or even do some junk modelling.  It’s entirely up to you.

Big Construction – Hopefully you have been collecting some old boxes and other items we can use to make a bridge.  Can you make it really big? Do you need to make any bits stick together?  How could you do that?

Nursery Rhyme – Today’s nursery rhyme to practice is I’m a pirate.

As it’s National Story Telling Week, here is another great story for you read this time by Mr Innderdale.  You might have already heard it, or even have the book.  Get those listening ears ready and enjoy.

I’m really looking forward to seeing photographs of your lovely work from today.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon