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Good morning boys and girls, Happy Tuesday to you all.

Let’s start our day by updating our weather calendar. What’s the weather like today?  Why don’t you go outside and have a look.  Remember to practice putting on and taking off your shoes and coat.  Is it windy, cloudy, is the sun shining or is it rainy?  Can you remember what weather we had yesterday?  Now go and update your weather chart.

Do you know what day it is today, remember it was Monday yesterday.  Yes it’s Tuesday, the 23rd February.

Phonics – Today I’d like you to listen to this and join in.

Maths – Do you know when it’s your birthday?  What month is your birthday in?  Is it this month, February?  Or maybe it’s September or is it July?.  When is it your grown ups birthday?  Here’s a little song to help you remember the months of the year.

Science – Let’s get those ice cubes.  During the winter it can get really cold and sometimes we get ice.  Ice is just frozen water.  Today we are going to try and get the things out of the ice, do you have any ideas how we could do this?  Should we use a knife or a spoon?  Could we put it somewhere in the house to help?  Maybe you could put the ice cubes in little bowls around the house and see which one melts first.

Dance – Here is a link to some music about the seasons, its very long!  So you might want to just listen to some of it. Try and work out which part of it is about which season.  I want us to get up and create a dance about the seasons! So we need to do something for the winter part, maybe you could build a snowman or pretend to be very cold.  Maybe in the spring you could pretend to grow like a seed. What about the summer, maybe you could pretend to be swimming in the sea.  And finally the autumn, maybe you could be crunching in the autumn leaves.

Today’s story is called Winter is Here.  I hope you enjoy it.

Cutting – Can you cut out some of these and make a weather card cuttingDon’t forget to write your name inside the card.

Nursery Rhyme – Today I’d like you to learn this nursery rhyme.

Have a lovely day and stay safe

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon

Grown-ups – just to let you know that on Friday we are going to make a bird feeder.  There are loads of different versions, so make whichever one you have the resources for.