St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning boys and girls,

Let’s start our day in the normal way.

Literacy – Today I have a very short clip for you to watch about the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  It quickly tells you the story, whilst feeling different textures in the story.  Your job today is to talk about the different textures, you will have to pause the video, and then go and find something else in your house with the same texture.  So if it’s soft, what else do you have in your house that is soft?  Maybe you have some other books like this where you can talk about how things feel.

Phonics – What do you think the different goats sounded like as they were crossing the bridge?  Do you think they all sounded the same or do you think they were different?  I think the small goat would have been quite quiet, like a tinkling glass.  I think that the medium goat would have been a bit noisier and I think the biggest goat would have been the noisiest, maybe like a box being banged!  Practice using these noises as you re-read the story.

After that, ask your grown up to play one of the noises and you need to guess which goat it is. Is it the smallest one?

Maths – The goats were all different sizes, so I’d like you to go and find some things that are bigger than you and also some things that are smaller than you.

Number 2 – Here’s another little video for you to watch about the number 2.

RE – We are starting a new topic this week called Gathering.  Some key words for today are: gather, together and alone.  Please start by reading this to your child, or something similar.  2.2.21 – RE

Now I’d like us to sing

Building – do you have any Lego or blocks or even tins of food.  I’d like you to work really hard and build an amazing bridge.  Can you then get a troll and practice using those prepositions and put the troll ON TOP OFUNDERNEATH, AT THE SIDE OF the bridge.

Small World – Here is the backdrop to a small world.  Do you have any other things that you could add?  Maybe some green paper for the grass, the bridge you have built might come in handy now too.  2.2.21 – small world background

Nursery Rhyme – Today’s nursery rhyme I’d like you to practice is Twinkle Twinkle.

Story – It’s National Story Telling Week this week, so here’s a lovely story read by Tony.

Don’t forget to keep collecting your recycled things for later on in the week.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon