St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Let’s start with our calendar and prayers.

Phonics – Today I’d like us to start by listening and joining to this.

Maybe you might want to sing the song again and learn the words.

Maths – Let’s practice ordering our numbers.  You’ll need 10 pieces of paper.  Please get your grown up to write the number 1-10 and also add the the number of dots.  Our job today is to put them in order.  If you get really good at that, maybe your grown up could take a card away and you could try and guess what is missing.

Number 2 – Here is a short video about the number 2.

Favourite food – the goat’s favourite food was green green grass.  What’s your favourite food?  What foods do you not like?  What foods do your grown ups like?  Do you like the same food?

Bridge Line – Can you draw a line somewhere or maybe use some rope to create a line.  Let’s pretend the line is a bridge and we’re going to cross over it in different ways.  Maybe you could tip toe across it.  Maybe you could stamp across it.  How else can you cross over it?

Water – Maybe you can fill up your sink or perhaps you can do this at bath time.  You’ll need some things to make a bridge with – some that float and some that sink.  Can you build a bridge?

Nursery Rhyme – Today I’d like you to practice Incy Wincy Spider.  Don’t forget to use your hands and pretend to be the spider.

Story time – As part of National Story Telling Week here is today’s story.  It is one of our favourites.

Remember to keep collecting those recycled objects.

We’re going to try baking some bread buns or pizzas on Friday, or maybe you could try making cup cakes.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and Mrs Dixon