St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Hello boys and girls, today is the last day of home schooling and we are so excited to see you all next week.

Please remember to bring your book bag into school and your lunch in a disposable bag.  Don’t forget to have your name on everything – coat, shoes, lunch bag and clothes.

Let’s start with updating our calendar and our morning prayers.

Phonics – Let’s play a game called noisy neighbour.  First you need to pretend to be asleep on your lily pad.  Then a grown up will make a noise, like a a yawn, snore, munching.  Your grown up will say, “Wake up frog what’s that noise?”  You will need to guess the noise and say, “Noisy neighbour please be quiet!”

Maths – Can you cut out some big lily pads and write a number on each one.  You might want to also add the same number of dots.  We are going to ask our grown up to say a number and then we are going to jump onto that lily pad like a frog.  Can you jump onto number one?  Off you go little frogs.

Physical – Let’s play a game like musical statues but with lily pads.  Play some music and dance.  When the music stops you need to jump onto a lily pad and freeze!

Cooking – Today we shall try omelette’s!  They are very tasty. 

Nursery Rhyme – Today’s nursery rhyme is the animals went in two by two.   Look out for the little red hen.  Or maybe you could watch them all!

Safety – As we prepare to return to school, it is important that we remind ourselves of how to stay safe and clean. Our year 6 school councillors have created a short video to remind us all of the importance of washing our hands. 

Stay safe and see you on Monday.

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb and & Mrs Dixon x