St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Hello boys and girls.

Let’s start today by updating our calendar and saying our morning prayers.

Phonics – Today we are going to play copy the sound.  Your grown up will need to make a body percussion sound, like a clap, stamp, click of the fingers, brrr, tap knees etc.  Then you need to copy it.  Did you manage to make the same sound>  Now it’s your turn.  You make the sound and your grown up needs to copy it.  Did they get it right?  Maybe you could try 2 taps or 3 stamps.  Did they do it quieter, faster, louder?  You might even want to try a sequence of songs to make it trickier.

Here is a lovely game you can play.  Make sure that you listen very carefully to the sound.

Maths – Here are some frogs with numbers on.  You’ll also need some small objects, like raisins or small buttons.  Your job today will be to put the right number of items on the numbered frog.  Your grown up may need to add some dots the frog if you need a bit of help.  Number Frogs

Here is a lovely counting game if you’d like to play.

Snap – Can you match the pictures?  These are pictures of the frog life cycle.   Can you remember the different names?   Maybe you might fancy a game of snap with your grown up or sibling.  snap

Story of the Day – Today’s story is the Icky Sticky Frog.  Remember to get comfortable, sit still and make sure you listen carefully.

Our nursery rhyme today is Froggy Went a courting.  You might need to play it a few times before you can join in.

Mark Making – Grab your pencil, you are going to need to follow the dotty lines.  Don’t forget to use your nippy fingers and hold the pencil carefully.  Mark making

Masks and Puppets – Here are some masks and puppets that you might want to print out.  frog-masks 5-Little-Speckled-Frogs-Stick-Puppets

Have a lovely day and stay safe 

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon