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Good morning boys and girls,

Let’s update our calendar and say our morning prayers.

Phonics – Today we are going to use our voices to say things in different ways.  Let’s start by saying our name slowly.  Can you now say your name fast.  How about saying your name loudly and now can you say it quietly.  Can you say your name in a deep voice and also in a squeaky voice?  If you can manage that, you might want to try saying sentences in different ways.

Maths – you are going to need ten items that you can count, anything at all.  Let’s count to 10 and count the objects, moving them at the same time.  Do you know what 1 more than 2 is?  Let’s count 2 and work work out what the next number will be.  Try it again starting at a  different number. Do you know what 1 more than this number is?  You might need to count the objects to help you.

Once you’ve got the hang of that, can you try what one less than a number is.  Count the objects out and then take one away.  Keep practising, you’ll get better.

Let’s make a frog – Today I’d like you to make a frog.  You might want to use a paper plate or a toilet roll, or you might want to use something else.  Remember that frogs have big eyes and a long tongue.  Here are some ideas.  Make a frog

Frog World – If you have time, why not make a frog world you can play with.  You’ll need some frogs and other things that are around them like sticks, lily pads, logs, maybe some blue material for the water.

Nursery Rhyme – today the nursery rhymes is 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive. Try and use your fingers when you are counting.  

Here’s Mr Patterson reading you one of his favourite books.

As part of your return to school, Miss White has asked if everyone can complete and return this short task by Thursday. . . .

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Stay Safe and enjoy today’s jobs.

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lamb & Mrs Dixon