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Good morning Reception!

Today you have Phonics, Maths, Literacy and RE tasks. I have also included a fine motor task that you might also want to look at. Please remember under each video/heading there are documents explaining what the task is and any resources/worksheets that you might need to complete the task. Don’t forget to email your work to by 8pm

Don’t forget to login to Google classroom at 1pm for a Live story time! Today I will be reading our class book of the week!


phonics 26.1.21

phonics resource 26.1.21



Click here to watch today’s Numberblocks episode!


Maths 26.1.21

Maths Resource 26.1.21


Literacy 26.1.21

Literacy Resource 26.1.21


RE 26.1.21

RE Resource 26.1.21


Extra – Fine motor

Why not try to create some pirate puppets to play with?

Fine Motor 26.1.21