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Good morning Reception!

This will be your last day of home learning for this half term. You have all worked incredibly hard and we are so proud of you!

Today you have Phonics, Maths, Literacy and RE tasks. I have also included a creative task that you might also want to look at. Please remember under each video/heading there are documents explaining what the task is and any resources/worksheets that you might need to complete the task. Don’t forget to email your work to by 8pm. Don’t forget to login to Google classroom at 1pm.

Please find your half term task at the bottom of this page. 



Phonics 11.2.21

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Maths 11.2.21

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Literacy 11.2.21

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Notes for Parents

RE 11.2.21

Extra – Creative

Extra – Space Mobile


Half Term Task – Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. We go to church and a Cross is made on our foreheads with ashes to show that we want to grow more like Jesus. It may not be possible for everyone to go to church this year. Lent is the Church’s season of preparation for the celebration of Easter. It lasts for six weeks or 40 days.

The day before Ash Wednesday is called Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. ‘Shrove’ means being forgiven for the times we get things wrong. Traditionally pancakes were made to clear out all the rich ingredients from the cupboard before the start of strict fasting in Lent. Today we still keep Shrove Tuesday but during Lent we don’t have as strict a fast as people used to have.

Please look at this PDF together and talk about the journey of Lent.  Lent PDF

Your task for Wednesday 17 February – Ash Wednesday

During the forty days of Lent, we are encouraged to try to become more like Jesus by caring, sharing and helping. This helps us to think about other people. Lent is also a special time when we think about Jesus, how he grew in love and we try to grow in love, goodness, kindness and helpfulness like him.

How could you follow Jesus’ example by caring, sharing and helping?

Make a Lenten promise card showing how you are going to follow in Jesus’ footsteps during Lent. ‘I want to grow in love like Jesus by…’ Please see template attached Lenten Promise

There are some ideas for each day on the Mission Together Lenten calendar that I have included as a separate PDF.


If you can, look at the other Mission Together resources:

Or the resources on the CAFOD website