St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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I am looking forward to seeing you at 10.30am on Google meet. You will need paper and a pen.

If you have a problem with passwords, just contact Miss Green.

Today I have a few jobs for you to do…

  • English – We will start your English task on our Google Classroom today.
  • Maths
  • Tricky words
  • Music


Today I would like you to think about the problem in your story. Hopefully you have received an email which will remind you of your story setting and the characters. Is something or someone lost in your story? Has something happened to one of the characters? It’s up to you, remember this is your story?

Today I would like you to draw your illustration (your picture). Remember the pictures in the books that we read help us to know what is happening in the story. You might need to think about how your characters are feeling, are they happy? Shocked? Sad?

I have included a writing frame below like the one that we have been using in class.

Writing Frame


Please find the task below.

Maths 30.6.21


Tricky Words

Please practice the tricky words. I’ve made a set for you to use here …

Tricky word cards

Today I would like you to play tricky word bingo with your family. Start by making Bingo cards for the different players. In class, we usually pick 4 tricky words but you might want to choose 6. Why not take a turn at being the bingo caller, remember you need to think of a sentence that has one of the tricky words in it. Try using the tricky words – be, are, her, was, all, they, my


In class, we will be continuing with our multi-skills sessions. Last week we used a space hopper for our core and balance. We practiced bouncing and shooting into a ground net with a medium sized ball. We used the stilts to practice our control, coordination and balance. We controlled a small ball using a hockey stick and used the foam javelin!

Today I would like you to set up your own mini multi-skills lesson. You might want to think about balancing, aim, throwing and catching. I have included some cards below that might help you.

PE cards