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Happy FriYAY everybody!

Can’t wait to meet at 10am for our story.

The book winner ….. The Troll!!!

Today’s Timetable:







Today we will be talking about Mass. By the end of this lesson I hope you will understand that Catholics go to Mass and share a Special Meals.

Explanation and task: Eucharist Lesson 2

English (Part 2)

Today you will be finishing off your BIG write stories! Hopefully you have written your beginning including introducing your character and setting description. Now writing the middle and the end of the story. The middle of the story must have a problem, use your plan (because they are all fantastic!) Add a few more details and end your story. You can then tick off your success criteria!


Please could you watch this video to help you order the days of the week:

Today you will be ordering the days of the week. Thinking about what activities you do each day to help fill it in. You then have to tick whether it is a weekday or or the weekend.

Your task: Days of the week


Can you try and write these common exception words inside the rainbow like this?

Homefield Church of England Primary School - Rainbow Spelling Wordsrainbow spelling words

Your task: rainbow-spelling


In this lesson, we will be learning how sounds can be represented using symbols or pictures and the relationship between pulse and rhythm.

Have the best weekend,

Miss O’Sullivan 🙂