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Good Morning Year 1 and happy Monday!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and managed to get out and play in the snow 🙂

Here is today’s timetable:



-Phonics / Guided Reading



Worksheet: adding by counting on


Be Creative And Have Fun Handwriting Message On Colorful Background Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 70291953.

For English today you will be writing your own fantasy story! I would like you to use your imagination and write a story. Be really creative and try your best. There are NO wrong answers! You could base your story on your favourite fantasy story or a character you like (unicorns or dragons).


We are learning a new sound today! ow – ow brown cow.

Real and Nonsense Words have a go at colouring in the real and nonsense words. Why not have a go at drawing your own brown cow filling the cow with all the ow words you have learnt this lesson 🙂 ow brown cow (cow template if you are not sure how to draw a cow!!)

Guided Reading

RWI EBook Parent Information (this is information on how to log on)

For Guided Reading please login to oxford owl:

Your login is: smstyear1
your password is: smst

Then to Read Write Inc and find the book Dragon’s Bay could you read the story and answer the questions with a grown up. There are also activities to complete.

If you would like to complete different books, that is fine. I will just add a book that will be completed in school.


We will be looking at the different seasons and the clothes that we wear in different weather conditions.

Weather lesson1 (if you do not have a printer, have a go at drawing some clothes!)

Have a wonderful day.

Miss O’Sullivan