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Happy Monday Everybody,

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Tomorrow morning (Monday 18th) at 10am, we are testing a way of us all getting together using Google Classroom. I have emailed your emails and passwords. We have attached instructions on how to login. Google Classroom

If you have any problems, please contact the school. I hope you can join us 🙂

Today’s feedback will be on Science.

Here is your timetable for today:






Your task: Subtract by crossing out


For your English lesson today, we are thinking about fantasy and normal settings and how they differ.

fantasy settings

Your task: Sorting fantasy settings


For Phonics today, I am going to give you a short story to read: Phoneme Spotter Story

Can you spot all of the oa phonemes in the story??


Seasons support Seasons worksheet

I forgot to ask at the end of this… What season do you think we are in now!?




We are in WINTER 🙂

Well done if you got it right!!!

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan