St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good Morning Year 1,

Your feedback today will be on Maths.

Here is today’s Class Timetable:







Now it is your turn to solve subtraction word problems: Subtraction word problems


Hopefully this morning you managed to listen to the story of Where the Wild Things Are on google classroom this morning. If you did not manage to join us here is the story again:

Your task today is to sequence and retell the story. Your task: Sequence story


Today you will be writing up your ew sound. Please remember how you lay your work out.

Sound out your words and try choose the correct phonemes.


Today we will be learning about another mode of transport that has changed our lives! The plane! You will learn about the inventors and what happened in the first ever flight.

Please go through this: History Powerpoint / (4 minutes in explains the first ever flight).

Your Task: History Plan

Can you try and make your own Paper Airplane and see how many seconds you can fly it for?!


Mr Joe Wicks keeping us fit!

Have a great day everybody,

Miss O’Sullivan