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Good Morning,

Today’s feedback will be on English.

Your class timetable today is:






For English today we are thinking about setting descriptions and why they are so important.

For your task I would like you to read the setting description and draw a setting to match.

Your task: Why a setting description is important


Your task: Subtract by counting back on a numberline


Can you try and count the phonemes (sausage and beans) when you are watching this video?

Today you will be writing your Phonics sentences. Use the oa sound to write words and sentences. Please remember how to lay your work out.


Today you will be making your hedgehog homes. Try to collect the items you will need eg. sticks, grass, leaves etc. Find a quiet spot (as hedgehogs want to stay safe!) to build your hedgehog home. If you have any playdough or clay you could make a hedgehog to inhabit the home.

Mom's Tot School: The Hat, by Jan Brett | Playdough activities, Jan brett, Play doh activitiesHow to make a Play Doh Hedgehog - YouTube

Or you could be really creative and draw a picture and use natural materials like this:

Pine Needle Hedgehog Craft - Toddler at Play3 Easy Hedgehog Crafts for Kids | Fall crafts for kids, Animal crafts for kids, Fun fall craftsLeaf Hedgehog | Leaf crafts kids, Autumn leaves craft, Fun fall crafts

Have a wonderful day,

Miss O’Sullivan