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Happy Tuesday Text On Pink Watercolor Background Stock Illustration - Illustration of greeting, text: 79906580 Happy Tuesday Everyday!

See you at 10am 🙂 Your feedback today will be on Maths.

Today’s Timetable:






Today we are planning our fantasy stories. We know that we must have a beginning, middle and an end to our stories. You have already got your main character, as you completed it yesterday. We have looked at fantasy settings, this will help you with your story. Think about where you would like your story to begin and the setting. Your story must have a problem and then the problem must be fixed.

Task: plan a fantasy story


Exciting day today… We are starting a new Maths topic. Learning how to tell the time! Today we will be telling the time to the hour.

When following this video, please could make your own clock (Make a clock face) or use an interactive clock to help follow along.

Your task: tell the time to the hour


Today you will be writing your ire sentences! Watch this video to go through the flashcards. Fred talk and then blend the word together.


We are moving onto a new artist – Georgia O’Keeffe. Georgia painted nature in a way that showed how it made her feel. She is best known for her paintings of flowers and desert landscapes. Georgia liked flowers so she painted lots of them. She painted them in a new way. Her flowers were big and bright. Lots of people wanted to buy her paintings.

Have a look at some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower drawings: O’Keeffe

Your task: Observational Art (Photo pack: Georgia OKeeffe Photopack)

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan