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Middle of the week, that happened quickly…

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Today’s Timetable:







I am so impressed with all of you! I can’t believe that you can tell the time to the hour. Today you will be finding one hour after and before.

Your task: before and after / one hour later before


Today you are learning another trigraph! The ear sound.

Can you have a go at this word search. You have to find all of the ear words! word search


We are starting a new RE topic called the Eucharist. The attachment has all the information needed to start the new topic including the first lesson. We will be exploring the love and care shown in the family and how families and groups share special meals.

Eucharist Year 1


For computing today, we are going to debug some programs.

First, can you go to this site J2Code ( and select the town background.

Next, watch this short video of how to use the controls on the site.

I want to travel to the red circle below. I have written an algorithm, look at the town on the J2Code website, will it take me to the correct place?

Can you debug my algorithm and correct my mistake?

Click here for more algorithms to debug.

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan