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Good Morning Year 1,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and managed to get out in the sunshine!

Google classroom timetable: Google Classroom Timetable. Join us at 10am daily!

Today’s Timetable:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Phonics
  • Science


In Maths we are carrying on learning about money!

Today you will be making the same amount using different coins.

use different coins to money values          COINS


In English this week we will be focusing on our sentence structure. In this lesson you will be using a range of punctuation. We often use full stops but there is also exclamation marks and question marks.

Remember Kung Fu Punctuation? Your task is to rewrite the sentences and add the correct punctuation at the end. Be careful though, it looks like I have missed some capital letters too!

add punctuation


For Phonics we will be leaning the alternative sounds for i – igh, ie and i-e.

Your task: Alternative-spellings-igh-ie-ie-y (I have left the answers on the second page as some of these are quite tricky!)


In Science we will be thinking about forces. The aim of this lesson is to understand that some forces are bigger than others. We will be exploring this using force arrows to show the direction and how big some forces are.

Have a look at these pictures of forces, can you work out if they are pushing or pulling? Then draw the force arrow in the correct direction.

First task: recognise some forces are bigger than others

Second task: Push and pull forces PPT

The local toy store has asked for some new designs. Your task is to create a new toy that uses the push and/or pull force. Think about whether your toy will use the push or pull force, how it will work, and what materials you will need. Design and plan your toy using this template: Push Pull Investigation

Here are some toys that use the push and pull motion: Toys Using Push Pull Forces this will help you design your own toy!


Please let me know which book you would like me to read on Friday in the comments below:

  1. Rose's Red Boots: Maura Finn, Karen Erasmus: 9781912076970: Books Rose’s Red Boots       2. A Magical Muddle eBook A Magical Muddle       3. Back to Earth with a Bump eBook Back to Earth with a bump

Have a lovely day,

Miss O’Sullivan