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Good Morning Year 1,

I hope you have all had a lovely week. Hopefully you are all recharged and ready for a new term :)

Google Classroom Timetable: Google Classroom Timetable 22.02.21 Join us at 10am everyday!

Please remember to send your work to by 8pm.

For today your timetable is…

  • Maths
  • English
  • Phonics
  • Science


We are starting a new topic in Maths this week, money! Today we will be learning about two coins, one pence and two pence coins.

Please have a go at this game, here are the instructions: Toy Coin Game

Here is a money maze, you will need to colour in all of the 1p’s to go around the maze! money maze


We are carrying on with information texts. Today you will be looking at glossaries and why they are important in information texts. To find out what a glossary is, please watch this video:

Today you will be making a glossary all about steam trains! I have posted this video to help with any words you might be unsure of.

Your task today is to create a glossary. I have put some information together about steam trains. Read through the information, I have made some words red. These red words are topic words. I would like you to write a definition of the key words in red.

Make your own glossary


Here are some flash cards for you to try: flash-cards why not try add the sound buttons (sausage and beans) to the words!


For Science we are learning about Forces! In school we managed to complete one lesson for this topic all about push, pull forces.

The science activity I would like you to complete today is to go on a ‘force hunt’. We now know that forces can be different sizes and go in different directions. Can you find things in your house that you can push, pull or twist? Use a force arrow (force arrows) to show the direction and size of the force. The bigger the arrow, the bigger the force! Have a look at some forces I found in my house…

forces around the house

Can you go on a force hunt around your own house? What size arrow will the force be? What direction will the force be going in?

Please vote in the comment below which book you would like me to read on Friday:

  1. Hide-a-Saurus eBook Hide-a-Saurus     2. Ronald the Rhino eBook Ronald the Rhino     3. The Bear Who Came to Babysit eBook The bear who came to babysit

I hope you have a lovely day,

Miss O’Sullivan