St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Happy Thursday boys and girls! I hope you are having a nice week so far.

Today’s Timetable:







Today in English we will be looking at why titles are so important. Especially in non fiction text. understand and use titles


Your task: Numbers to 50


Today in Phonics you will be playing some games to help you practice the ee / ea phoneme. Have a go at some of these:

Digraph /ea/, Phonics game to practice the vowel digraph /ea/

When you feel confident here is a quiz to test you!


Today we will be learning about how transport has changed our lives by looking at how modern transport allows us to do so much more than transport in the past.

First task, I would like you to go around your house and pick out as many pieces of fruit you can find and then google where they came from and how did this fruit get from there to your house.

There is a PowerPoint to go through the ways which transport has helped to improve our lives today compared to transport in the past. how transport changed

Then can you fill in the worksheet where you need to draw a picture of how transport has changed and then write a sentence about how it has improved our lives today. History worksheet


PE lesson today, including warm up, main activity and cool down. PE 04.02.21

It is really important that we are staying active at this time. I have found this presentation with loads of links and games to help: PE_at_home_KS1_KS2

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan