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Good Morning Year 1,

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Today in English we are going to be looking at information texts/non fiction and what their features are. Can you print of the 2 pieces of text and spot the difference between ‘The Emperor Penguin’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

First going to start of by asking you all some questions.

What is an information text?

Well done, information texts are written on different topics such as natural objects and materials, locations and historical people and events. We read information texts everyday when we read something that gives us a fact or something new to learn.

What is a fact?

Fantastic!!! A fact is something that is true.

Activity: I would like you to look at the two pieces of texts that are below and spot the differences between them, you can highlight or circle the differences. This sheet includes the answers and information for parents. Features of Information Text

As an extension, why not go onto and read a non fiction book. Here are some good ones to try: NF books

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Half Past


ure is a very tricky sound! See if you can learn this song with lots of ure sounds:

Today you will be writing your ure sentences. Don’t forget how we lay them out 🙂


Last week, we started looking an artist called Georgia O’Keefe. As we found out, Georgia liked drawing bright, beautiful pictures of flowers. She really enjoyed drawing zoomed up parts of the flower. Like these: Georgia OKeeffe

I absolutely loved the paintings/drawings last week. Today we will be focusing on drawing a close up part of a flower. You could go and take a photo of a flower using a phone or tablet, zoom up on the picture and begin drawing.

You could take some inspiration from this:

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan