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Good Morning Year 1, I hope you all had a lovely Monday.

See you all at 10am 🙂







Please go onto Oxford Owl and find this book ‘Perfect Pets’. Here are the instructions Oxford Owl

Today you will writing information sentences using the Perfect Pets book.

Look through the the book, each page has a different pet with lots of different facts. Find a fact on each page, put it in a sentence. Write the sentence next to the picture.

Information sentences


Here is your Maths lesson today. You will be finding one more and one less than any number.

Your task: one more one less


We will be continuing to learn the alternative sound, ay, ai and a-e.

I have wrote a sentence, could you draw a picture to match the sentence: ai ay a-e


In Art today we will be making a collage. Collage is a variety of different colours and materials that make up one final picture. Here are some examples Collage Examples

We will be focusing on local landmarks today. This is apart of the Erasmus project

Here are the outlines you will need: outline of landmarks

Here is my finished piece.


Online Safety Day

Here we meet Mo and Tia, who together with Jessie complete the friendship trio. At Tia’s birthday party they use Tia’s older brother Kyle’s mobile to take fun photos of themselves. The trio agree to send their photos to Tia’s nan but also a few other people whose numbers are saved in Kyle’s phone. When the photos are shared with other children at their school without their permission, they turn to their teacher for help. The three friends learn about how images can get shared more widely than you first expect, and the importance of consent.


Questions: thinkuknow-5-7s-home-activity-sheet-1

Thinkuknow home activity packs5_7

Have a wonderful day,

Miss O’Sullivan