St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Good Morning!

Middle of the week. I hope you have been enjoying your home learning this week. I loved looking at your artwork yesterday, they are amazing!








With all the learning you have been doing about information texts, today we will be finding the features of an information text. This text is all about dogs so I hope you enjoy reading it! There is a key on the side with different colours. You need to use the key to help you find the features in the text. When you find the feature in the key, use the correct colour to circle the different parts of the information text.

As your challenge I would like you to find one fact in the text and then write it in a full sentence please.


In Maths today you will be finding one more one less. In this lesson, you will be embedding the learning from yesterday.

You will need dice for this activity.

If you do not have any, here is a dice net: dice nets

one more one less

If you would like to play a game, this game is for two players One more one less game

Follow these instructions (Chopper Squad Game) to play this game on an ipad, laptop or any device.


This is the last day we will be looking at the ay, ai and a-e sound.

Could you have a go at this roll the dice game: ay ai a-e game

When you feel confident have a go at this quiz


Thinking about the special meals we have, I would like you to write a thank you prayer for after a meal.

Here is a reminder of the prayer we say in school after lunch:

Thank you God for the food we have eaten

Thank you God for all our friends

Thank you God for everything, Thank you God Amen.

Here are some examples: Prayer Examples

In the Our Father prayer, a line is ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ This is talking about all the food we eat. Asking God for the things that we need.

Think about who and why we are thanking for our special meals. Try and write your own after lunch prayer.

Prayer after meals


For ICT we will be continuing with our transportation topic. You will be designing a vehicle on the computer.

In a paint app on the ipad, laptop or computer I would like you to try and draw a vehicle of your choice. You can chose any vehicle to draw.

If you do not have a paint app on any devices I have attached a sheet with graph paper Vehicle Design

Please ask a grown up to help you work out the tools in paint.

Have a lovely day everybody,

Miss O’Sullivan