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Good Morning Year 1, middle of the week!

I hope you are having a nice week so far.

Today your timetable is

  • Maths
  • English
  • Phonics
  • RE
  • ICT


Now we understand the value of the coins, we are going to start adding them. Please watch this video to help you.

Your task: Adding coins

Extension: Toy Shop Money


Today we will be starting our hot write on information texts. A hot write is the final piece of writing to end the topic. As we have learnt everything we need to know about information texts, we will now put it into practice. We will be doing this over 2 days, today and tomorrow. Our final piece is going to be about Transport! As we have learnt so much about different modes of transport during our History lessons.

Have a look at this example: Information Text Example

You can write about any part of transport. It could be about the Wright Brothers as children, what the Flyer I looks like, all about airplanes now, steam trains and lots of other titles!

Here is the layout: Information Text Layout with SC

Your success criteria is…

I can…

  1. Use topic specific words.
  2. Write my own captions.
  3. Write information in the right subheadings.
  4. Use titles and subheadings correctly.

We will be completing the rest of this information text tomorrow. At the end of your writing, you can tick off the success criteria.


For the ‘tion’ (shun) sound, it is easiest to teach the words using syllables and chunking the words.

Practice the tion words by using syllables. Why not clap the word to help you find how many syllables! tion words

This website is really useful for Phonics it is the scheme ‘Read, Write, Inc’ we follow in school. It is helpful to watch some of the videos to show how to sound out and support your child’s phonics learning.


In RE we are carrying on with our topic of the Eucharist. We will be looking at all the new words you have learnt in this topic.

Introducing these new words:

  • chalice
  • host
  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion


If you need a reminder of the key vocabulary key vocabulary


Click here for your ICT lesson with Mr. Patterson.

Have a lovely day,

Miss O’Sullivan