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Good Morning Year 1,

I hope you are having a lovely week so far.

As part of your return to school, Miss White has asked if everyone can complete and return this short task to me. If you have already emailed this to me that is great, thank you.

Back to school 1

Back to school 2

Here is your timetable today:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Phonics
  • RE
  • ICT


Today will be our last lesson on money.

In this lesson I have given you some loop cards. These ones feature a written money value on one side of the card a drawn representation of the coins on the other so that you can practice understanding the value of British coins.

Coin value loop cards

If you would like more of a challenge: coin-value-loop-cards

Please continue playing on the toyshop game:

As it does reinforce learning!


In English today, I have been a bit silly and I’ve muddled up my sentences!! I have made spelling mistakes, missed punctuation and it is your job to fix it for me! Good luck Year 1 🙂

correct errors in sentences.


We are moving onto the alternative phoneme o.

Task: LongOOhNoToadboardgame

Why not have a go on

If there is a phoneme you are unsure of you can practice it on here:

Picnic on Pluto, Phase 5, o-e

Phase 3 for oa and ow


Today we will be reflecting on the topic we have been learning about. We will be looking back at the key vocabulary and help your child to remember all they have learned in this topic. Celebrate with this simple act of worship. I have attached a collective worship plan to follow.

Collective Worship Eucharist


Click here for your ICT lesson with Mr Patterson

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Miss O’Sullivan 🙂