St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Not this again!! Won’t be long until we are all back in class together. I hope you enjoy your learning this week.

We will be meeting daily at 10am on google classroom to go over the tasks set for the day. If you are struggling to get online please ring and ask for Mr Pattison.

Here is your timetable:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Phonics
  • Guided Reading (Oxford Owl)
  • Music


We will be halving quantities on numbers today. Please watch this video to support you for your worksheet:

Halving Powerpoint                      Maths Worksheet


We are moving onto another book today. Please watch the book being read aloud. Have a think… Is this book fiction or non-fiction? Is there a book we have read that is similar?

Today you will be looking for similarities and differences of a TIGER and a POLAR BEAR!

The learning outcomes of this lesson will be:
• I can listen to a story and discuss its features.
• I can look at similarities and differences between different
• I can write a sentence to compare a tiger and a polar bear.

English Worksheet (I have included some ideas on the last page however try think of some of your own please).

Similarity means the same.

Differences mean what is different.


Please go on this website:

The game is buried treasure – phase 5 – revise all

Guided Reading (Oxford Owl)

Please keep on reading!!

Your login is: smstyear1    password: smst

You may choose any book that is appropriate.


Mrs Glover teaches you a wonderful music lesson on Rhythms!

Have a wonderful day, hope to see you all at 10am 🙂

Miss O’Sullivan.