St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning Year 2.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and managed to have some fun in the snow. Thank you for sending your work into me.  Keep it up! I love to look at what you are doing. Remember, once all of your work is completed for the day, send it to me at

On Friday we will be doing some art work. You will need some yellow and red paint for this. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, you may be able to use coloured pencil, but paint would be ideal.

Today we will focus on English, Maths, RE and Handwriting.


Over the next couple of weeks in English we are going to look at some spellings and grammar skills.

Today we are going to look at what happens when we squeeze two words together to make one word. These words are called contractions and the missing letter or letters are replaced with a apostrophe. Work through the PowerPoint presentation first before you begin to activity sheet.

Contractions PowerPoint



In maths this week we will continue to work on multiplication. We learnt last week that multiplication was the same as repeated addition. Today we will look at using the multiplication symbol. Watch the video first and them complete the activity sheets.

Multiplication sentences task


In RE today we will begin our new topic. Our topic for the next few weeks will be Books. Today we are going to think about different books that we have at home and at school. Look through the PowerPoint presentation that I have created and then complete the activity sheet.

Books PowerPoint

Books activity


I promised that this half term you would learn to do joined handwriting. Well this lock-down won’t stop us! I have made some videos over the weekend that show you how to form and join some letters. The first two letters that we will look at today are c and a.

To complete you task today, it is very important that you use lined paper, you use a pencil and that you sit at a comfortable table with your book or paper nice and straight in front of you.  If you make a mistake, please don’t rub it out, just leave it and start again next to it. This is a handwriting lesson, therefore when we practise something we all make mistakes. So please don’t worry.


Finally, to end your learning today, I thought it may be nice to listen to a story. If you remember last Monday we started to read another Roald Dahl story. We started to read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Today I thought I’d re-read the first chapter to remind anyone who has forgotten what happened. A week is a long time! We will continue to read this story over the coming weeks. Sit back, and enjoy!

I hope everyone has a great day! Work hard and I look forward to seeing your work later today.

Have fun! Mrs Gourley :-)