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Good morning Year 2!

I hope everyone had a good Monday and is ready to start again for another fun day of learning!

Today we will be doing Reading Comprehension, Maths, French and PE. We will end the day with the next chapter of our story – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Please send all work in as normal, however, moving forward, although we will look at each task, we will only be giving feedback on one piece of work each day. The feedback from today’s tasks will be linked to reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension

This morning you will answer some retrieval questions linked to Chapter 1 of the story we started to read yesterday – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you need to, look again at the video link where I share chapter 1 with you. If you have this story, perhaps you could read it yourself.

Then have a go at answering the questions. make sure you answer the questions in full sentences and include as much detail as possible.



In maths today we will be looking at making some multiplication sentences from pictures.

Multiplication sentences from pictures


Mrs Innerdale has set your French work today. You will be working on Numbers to 12 in French. Click here for the link to your lesson.  Have fun!


Today is our PE lesson. Joe Wicks has started recording his PE lessons again. Here is the link to yesterdays lesson. If you’ve already done this, perhaps you could find an old link to do.


To end the day, I will read the next chapter of the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Remember last time Charlie was hoping that one day he would be able to visit Mr Willy Wonka’s factory. let’s see what happens next …

Hope you have a great day!

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Gourley 🙂