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Hello Year 2!

I hope everyone is well and is looking for another day of learning!

Today we will be doing English, Maths, RE, History and Handwriting. That seems like a long list but in English we will be playing a snap game and maths will be a practical task so you may want to leave these to the end of the day.

When you email your work in today I will be providing feedback on your history task, but please keep sending all your other work in as I love looking at what you’ve been doing.


Today we will be revisiting contractions. You will play a snap game that involves matching the two words to the one contracted word. (There are lots of words, so perhaps your helper may want to choose the pairs to play with first and then you could add more if you play the game again.) Watch the PowerPoint first where I recap what a contraction is before you begin to play your game.

Contraction Snap – Online



Today in maths it’s Mrs Gourley instead of the lovely man from White Rose! I have decided that we perhaps need a practical lesson to recap our learning so far – and we’ve learnt an awful lot this past week!

For today’s lesson you need to have some small objects that you can sort into equal groups. You could use lego blocks, dry pasta, sweets or something else you can think of. Watch the video below and then have a go at thinking about the different ways you can sort the following numbers into equal groups. How many different ways will you find?

6      8      10      12      15      18      20      24



In RE we will continue with our topic about Books. Today we will begin to learn about a very special book to Christians – The Bible. Click here to watch a short video that tells us all about the Bible. You then need to see if you can fill in some facts about the Bible on the sheet.



Today we will continue to learn about The Great Fire of London. You will think about the events that happened during the days when the fire was burning and write about this as a diary. Look through the PowerPoint first before you begin the activity. You can cut and stick the pictures to go with your writing when you write about each day.

Great Fire Timeline PowerPoint

Diary title      Pictures


Finally, we will spend a little bit of time looking at the next couple of letters in handwriting. We will focus on letters d and g. Watch the video carefully and remember to keep pausing throughout.

Thank you for all your hard work. Today seems to have been a busy one!

Have a good rest this evening.

Mrs Gourley 🙂