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Happy Friday Year 2!

Today on our timetable we have English, Maths, Handwriting, Fairtrade activities and Collective Worship. I will be feeding back on your maths work today.

Today our home learning is focused around Fairtrade. Each year our school takes part in Fairtrade Fortnight. We discuss what Fairtrade means and complete many fun activities linked to Fairtrade; play games, bake with Fairtrade products, host a ‘Big Brew’ in the school hall and sometimes have a Fairtrade swap day.  This Fairtrade Fortnight we will come together to learn about, and celebrate, the people who grow our food and drink and explore the this years theme ‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’.  Through completing some of the activities today, I hope that the children  will have the opportunity to discover how their choices as individuals can make a difference to the lives of people around the world and the planet we share. #ChooseTheWorldYouWant

Before we begin any work, I’d like you to watch this video carefully where Fairtrade is explained to you.


Please keep reading. Try to read a little bit every day. Remember you can login into Oxford Owl using the username and passwords y2smst. Once you’ve logged in, I would recommend that you click on the level at the right hand side. Move it down to the Book Band level Purple. Then today I’d recommend that you read the book ‘Sandcastle’.

Please don’t worry if you’re reading something else at home – keep reading that!


In English today we will be completing a reading comprehension linked to Fairtrade. Read the information carefully and then answer the questions in full sentences.

Comprehension text to read

Fairtrade Comprehension Questions


In maths today we are continuing our work with pictograms and you will be interpreting pictograms.



Today in handwriting we are not going to learn a new letter. Today we will rehearse writing a collection of words with the letters we have already covered. Today we will look at writing all of the colour names. Good Luck!

Fair Trade Fortnight Activities

For the rest of the day I have posted a wide selection of activities that you may like to choose from. I’d like you to try to choose two activities to complete.

First there is a home learning grid which  provides eight learning activities. Choose from designing delicious menus, planting fruit trees, exploring world maps and more! (These activities are aimed for children aged 7-11, so I am aware that some of the activities are not suitably pitched for children in Year 2, however many are.)

Primary Climate Home Learning Grid

In addition to these activities I am also including some other Fairtrade activities ….

Why not play a Fairtrade game …

Board      Cards      Instructions

Or complete the Fairtrade wordsearch …

Fairtrade Fortnight Wordsearch

Finally you may like to have a go at using some Fairtrade products to make some delicious Fairtrade foods …

Fairtrade Fortnight Brownies      Fairtrade Fortnight Lemonade Recipe      Fairtrade Fortnight Banana Split

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Have a good rest and lots of fun.

Mrs Gourley 🙂