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Good morning Year 2,

I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend and is ready for another fun filled week of learning! Today on our timetable we have English, Maths, RE, Handwriting and then we’ll end the day with the next part of our story. Today I will feedback on your RE work.

We’ll be meeting once again on Google Classroom at 9.00am to go through our day and again at 2.45pm to read the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I hope you can join us.


Please keep reading. Try to read a little bit every day. Remember you can login into Oxford Owl using the username and passwords y2smst. Once you’ve logged in, I would recommend that you click on the level at the right hand side. Move it down to the Book Band level Turquoise. Then today I’d recommend that you read the book ‘Astron’.

Please don’t worry if you’re reading something else at home – keep reading that!


Miss Robinson has planned your English lesson today.
Today in English we are recapping our previous learning on questions. You will think of 4 questions you would like to ask the Big Bad Wolf and 4 questions to ask Little Red Riding Hood.
First, I’d like you to refresh your memory on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Now you need to listen carefully as you work your way through the PowerPoint and then write one question in each box on your worksheet. Try to start your questions with different key words and remember to end every question with a question mark.

Questions Little Red Riding Hood PowerPoint


As an additional fun, role-play activity, ask a kind helper if they would read your questions back to you. However, you are no longer your normal self … you are either the Big Bad Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood! You could even get into character and wear something red! Have fun!


In maths today we are continuing our work on money. We will be looking at different ways to make different values using different coins. The values today are a little higher than Friday, so be very careful.

Watch the video through first where I was talk you through some examples before you begin your task.




In RE today we are starting our new topic called ‘Thanksgiving’ We are going to think about different ways that we can say and offer thanks to different people.
Listen carefully to the PowerPoint presentation before you begin your task today. Think about how you have said or shown thanks at home, in school and within your neighbourhood.

Thanksgiving PowerPoint



Today we will look at writing the letter ‘v’


We are going to read the chapter 13 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at 2.45pm on our Google Meet. However if you are unable to attend this, I have uploaded the chapter for you to listen to.

I hope that everyone has a great day.

Work hard and try your best!

Mrs Gourley 🙂