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Good morning Year 2, it’s wonderful Wednesday already!

Today on our timetable we have English, Maths, Science and Handwriting. Today I will feedback on your Science work.

We’ll be meeting once again on Google Classroom at 2.45pm. We will play a maths game today so please have a bingo board ready. (A grid with 8 squares).


Please keep reading. Try to read a little bit every day. Remember you can login into Oxford Owl using the username and passwords y2smst. Once you’ve logged in, I would recommend that you click on the level at the right hand side. Move it down to the Book Band level Purple. Then today I’d recommend that you read the book ‘The Strange Old House’.

Please don’t worry if you’re reading something else at home – keep reading that!


In English we will be continuing with the next part of our diary entries. Make sure that you have the past couple of parts close at hand because you need to read these through before we begin.

Little Red Riding Hood Diary Part 4 and 5 PowerPoint

DIARY PART 4 and 5


In maths today we are going to look at another way of recording data (information) Today we’ll look at pictograms. You can hear the start of the word picture when we say pictograms, so perhaps this will give you a clue about what a pictogram is.

In maths today you will have the choice of two tasks. You can represent your traffic count from Monday as a pictogram or you can go for a short walk with a grown up and create a  pictogram of some of the things that you see – trees, dogs, cats, flowers people and birds. If you’d like to do both that’s great, but you only need to do one.




In science today we will start our new topic; materials. The first lesson involves exploring a range of materials. First watch the PowerPoint very carefully where I explain the different materials we will be looking at today.

You will then go on a material hunt around your house and garden. You need to record some of the things you find in the first column and some of their properties in the second. Please don not pick anything up on your materials hunt and be very careful with anything made from glass. Please either make sure that an adult is with you or close by.




In Handwriting today you will learn to write a new letter, the letter r. This can be a little tricky so make sure that you keep pausing the video and write at least one full line of each letter, letter combination and word.

I hope that you all have a great day. Work hard but have fun too.

Mrs Gourley 🙂

Our school Lent challenge:

This year for Lent, as a school community we are going to take part in the ‘Walk for Water’ Lent challenge.

Watch the national assembly created by CAFOD

In this assembly, find out how even though we are all apart, we are still connected. We’ll travel to a place called Afar in Ethiopia, one of the hottest regions on earth, to meet people who make long journeys to collect water because it is so scarce.

Watch the following video about Abdul and Mohammed who live in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Try to imagine how it would feel to walk 5 hours every day for clean water.

So, let’s walk for water so others do not have to.

Click on the link below to access the instructions to help others by raising money and awareness this Lent.

1. CAFOD Walk for Water guide for Primary schools

Also download the water droplet trail template and complete this. Look out for these in your community when you are out for your walk. How many can you spot?

CAFOD Water droplet trail template

To help raise money and awareness, you could set a target for how far you could walk as a family or set a target for how much money you could raise to help others.

We have also included a helpful calendar, which can allow you to keep track of each day through Lent and provide you with ideas to pray daily during this special time.

CAFOD Primary Lent calendar 2021 one page

Please make sure to send in pictures to your teacher, as we would love to see all the wonderful things you are doing this Lent to support and help others.

If you do donate money directly to CAFOD, please inform school via so we can include this in our community total. Alternatively, you could keep your money raised and hand this in to school once we are all back together.

Many thanks for your continuing support,

Staff at St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School