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Good morning Year 3.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I will see you on Google Classroom today at 9am, I am looking forward to it!

Today I would like you to work on English, Math, Geography and Music. Your English this week will focus on the BFG again and we will write the build up. In maths, we are going to carry on with addition and subtraction, perfecting our column techniques! Geography is going to carry on with our Flow topic, focusing on rivers within the UK and music will extend the lesson we had in class where we developed an understanding of pulse. Today I will be feeding back on your Geography task.


We are going to use this lesson to build up a range of vocabulary which will be useful for the rest of the week, when we go on to write the build up to the story of the BFG. Follow the instructions on the video and make sure you keep your notes safe as you will need them again over the next few days.

Watch this video from 2minutes 36 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds to help you order the build-up


Today, I would like you to do more work on column subtraction. You can rewatch the video from Friday’s maths to help if you need reminding of the techniques. Once you are happy, use your place value and exchanging knowledge to answer the questions on the worksheet.

180121 Math subtract 2 digits from 3 digits


Today I would like you to research rivers within the UK. You are going to identify the different seas which surround the United Kingdom and name the different rivers which flow through the country. Finally, I would like you to challenge yourself to name the seas which the rivers flow into.  You will either need an atlas or you could you maps on your computer to help you. Go through the slides one at a time, complete the task on each slide before you move on to the next one.

180121 Geography Information

180121 Geography


For your music lesson today, I would like you to explore pulse. Read through the slides and complete the tasks as you go. When you have finished, fill in the worksheet to see how much you can remember. Enjoy!

180121 Music Slides

180121 Music task


This week I would like you to practice your spellings. I have put them on the sheet with a little activity to go with them. Please practice them daily and maybe on Friday, someone might be able to test you. Good luck!

180121 Spellings

I have also set your timetables on Times Table Rockstars to include your 3 timetables and have set some extra addition and subtraction work on Mathletics.

I hope you have enjoyed your tasks today. I look forward to hearing from you all.
Mrs Bishop