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Good morning Year 3.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you at 9am this morning.

Today we are going to begin a new English topic, we will look at persuasive writing using one of my favourite books. We will finish our addition and subtraction topic, complete a Geography task and do some music. Today I will be feeding back on your Math task.


We are going to begin our new genre in English. You are going to look at persuasive writing using a book called, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. This work will extend over the next few weeks and at the end you will write a persuasive letter. Watch the video below and follow the instructions carefully.


Today you are going to practice your estimation skill. Estimation is a very useful tool in life, you will find you use it a lot without even realising as you get older. You might go to the supermarket and estimate how many bars of chocolate you could buy with £2! Watch the video and complete the worksheet below.

250121 Estimate


I loved how enthusiastic you were for the Geography task last week and you did such a wonderful job finding the UK rivers, I thought I would challenge you this week to finding rivers throughout the world. Read through the slides, they tell you a little bit of information about a variety of rivers across the world. When you have done this, I would like you to identify these rivers on a map. You might need an atlas if you have one or Google Earth is good for looking at maps if not.

Rivers Around the World

Rivers Around the World Task


Today in music we will start to develop our understanding of rhythm. I would like you to go through the slides and complete the tasks as you go. When you have finished, complete the first worksheet, then if you are feeling enthusiastic, you can challenge yourself to complete the second worksheet too.

Music Rhythm

250121 Music 1

Music Challenge


I have set you a new spellings list for this week and will be testing these on Friday. Good luck!

250121 Spellings

I am looking forward to receiving your emails later today.

Mrs Bishop