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Good morning Year 3.

It was so lovely seeing so many of you yesterday that we are going to do another short meeting today at 9am. I am very excited to get to see you again.

Thank you for continuing to send me your work too. It is lovely to hear from you. Today your tasks will include English, Math, Science and ICT. Please submit all of your work and I will be feeding back to you on your English.


You will be carrying on writing the sentence opening you began on Tuesday. Use the work you completed yesterday about compound sentences to support your writing further. Make sure you keep using the wonderful fronted adverbials and sentence openers throughout your writing and remember to use your best handwriting throughout your work. Watch the video and complete the tasks set.


Using column addition the techniques you used developed yesterday, you are going to carry on adding 3-digit and 2-digit numbers. Remember to make sure you set up your columns using your place value knowledge to ensure you are adding the correct digits. Please use objects you have around the house to help when you are exchanging numbers (I find lego is always useful for these tasks).

Please complete the worksheet when you are ready. I have attached the answers again today so you can mark your work and work through any errors you find.

140121 Maths

140121 Answers


This week we will be beginning our new science topic of Light. For today’s task, I would like you to explore light. Read through the slides and follow the instructions carefully in order to complete an investigation. Please fill in the investigation as you go.

Science 14.1.21

140121 Investigation Sheet


I would like you to create a new Scratch project. This project is going to allow the sprite to make a sound when a specific button is pressed. This means the project must include at least one sprite, a background and a sound that will be linked to the sprite. Follow the instructions provided and remember to test you program regularly and debug if you find errors. Once you have created your program, please look at the extension tasks where you will be able to extend your algorithms.

To log in – your username is the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your surname followed by smst1853 your password is stella

My username would be embismst1853 and password stella any problems please let me know. 

140121 ICT

I hope you enjoy your work again today.

Mrs Bishop