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Good morning Year 3.

I wanted to say a huge well done for your English task everyone. I was so impressed with your build-up of the BFG. Your writing was wonderful and you all succeeded with the success criteria.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at 9am, we will read chapter 2 of our story, ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’.

Today I would like you to complete a Guided Reading task, you can finally read the ending of Iron Man – are you excited? In math you are going to carry on subtraction and use exchanges today too. Then I would like you to take part in a Science investigation and finish your day with some computing.

Guided Reading

You are finally getting to read Chapter 5. I wonder how many of you predicted the correct ending? I hope you enjoy finishing the book. Once you have read the chapter, I would like you to answer the retrieval questions.

Iron Man Chapter 5

210121 Iron Man Retrieval


Today you are going to use all of the skills you have been learning over the last few weeks. You will subtract 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. Remember the biggest number must always be on top and make sure you line up your numbers correctly using your Place Value knowledge. I know you are really good at additions, now show me how good you are at subtractions.

210121 Subtract a three digit number from a three digit number with exchange


You are going to carry on with our new topic of Light this week. First, you are going to explore reflective materials, you will need 6 different materials and a torch for this activity. I would like you to complete the sheet which informs me of the materials you have explored. You will need to order them from least reflective to most reflective, then design your own book bag with a reflective area shown. What material would you use to create a reflective logo?

210121 Science

210121 Reflection Task

210121 Science Investigation


For ICT this week I would like you to log on to this website:

Work your way through the levels and answer the questions. From the answers, I would like you to write down 10 top tips for staying safe whilst online.

Then, using your 10 top tips, I would like you to design an e-Safety poster to help other Year 3 children stay safe whilst using technology.

You can design your poster using an application on a computer/tablet, or you can simply design it on paper using coloured pens and pencils.

Don’t forget you can read books on the Oxford Reading Owls, your password and username are both y3smst

Well done for working so hard again this week.

Mrs Bishop