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Good morning Year 3,

It was lovely to see you all again yesterday and I look forward to seeing you again at 9am today! Thank you for sending me your work, I was very impressed with your knowledge of pulse in music.

Today you are going to write the first part of your build up in English, carry on with some addition and subtraction in maths, complete a French activity and finally do some painting for our Claude Monet water colours. I will be feeding back on your art work today.


You are going to use your notes from yesterday and your knowledge of the BFG story so far. Today, you will write the first part of the build up. You are going to aim to build suspense to make your reader want to come back for more!


For your task today, I would like you to build on your addition techniques. You are going to start adding two 3-digit numbers together. Remember to make sure you line up your columns properly and make sure you add on any exchanges you make. I have also included the answers, do not peak but when you have finished, check your work. If you have made any mistakes, try and work out where your errors were to help you avoid them in the future.

190121 Add two 3 digit numbers

190121 Math Answers


For Art today I would like use to sketch Monet’s 1906 Lily Pond painting and then I would like you to paint it for yourself (If you do not have paint then please colour using pencils or crayons). Please read through the document as there is a video to watch and some useful information to help you with your artwork. You will find a picture of Monet’s painting in the document as you will need to refer to this whilst sketching and painting. I look forward to seeing your beautiful works of art.

190121 ART


Mrs Innerdale has set your French work. As with last weeks learning, read through the slides, using the sound buttons to hear Mrs Innerdale’s instructions. Make sure you submit your French home learning to Mrs Innerdale on

Keep up the hard work, I look forward to receiving your emails later today.

Mrs Bishop