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Good morning Year 3,

Happy Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend, remember to bring your wonderful jokes to our Google Classroom meeting again this morning 🙂

Today I would like you to complete English, Math, RE and Music as your tasks.


In our English this week, we will carry on using Fantastic Mr Fox. We are going to focus on prediction, explanation and inference throughout the week.

Today I would like you to recap on the story so far, make sure you have read or listened to my readings up to the end of Chapter 9. Following this, you are going to read Chapter 10 and answer the comprehension questions. Once you have finished, your final task is to create a character wheel all about Mr Fox.

010321 English

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 questions

010321 task


For our Math topic this week we will be moving on to statistics.

Today I would like you to complete this worksheet about pictograms. You have used pictograms lots in the past so you should remember lots of these types of tasks.

There is no video for todays work, try your very best and complete as many questions as you can.

010321 Pictograms


For our RE task today, I would like you to read through The Gloria and reflect on the words. Once you have completed this, you are going to create your own Gloria, giving glory and praise to God for God’s goodness to you today.

010321 The Gloria

The Gloria Task


Today in music, I would like you to listen to and appraise a piece of music. You will watch a short You Tube video taken from one of my favourite characters, Mikey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Aprentice. While you watch the video, I want you to think about how the music makes you feel. When you have finished, please draw a picture and write either a story or a poem about the piece of music.

010321 Music

010321 Music Task


This week our spelling rule is the ‘a’ sound spelled ‘ey’

010321 spellings

I hope you enjoy your tasks today.

Mrs Bishop