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Good morning Year 3.

I was completely blown away by the work you have all produced on River Pollution! Well done to every single one of you and thank you for working so hard 🙂

Today you will be completing English, Math, Geography and Music. I will feedback on your Math task in Google Classroom tomorrow morning.


Today we are going to start to look at new book, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. In this lesson you will read the first two chapters, get to know the characters and predict what might happen next. Please watch the video below and follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you have some paper and coloured pens or pencils ready for the lesson.

Fantastic Mr Fox Chapter 1 and 2

Making Predictions Task


Today and tomorrow our Math lessons are going to be practical. This is to give you the opportunity to gain the skills needed to complete the worksheets later in the week. As always with practical work, make sure you have some resources readily available to support your learning.


In Geography this week you are going to use some of the skills you developed in English last week as we are going to write a letter. This letter is to Northumbria Water to ask for their support in stopping litter and keeping our riverbanks clean. If you have some time over the next few weeks, go for a walk along the riverside, have a look at how much litter there is, I am sure you might even see a shopping trolley!

In your letter I would like you to write 3 short paragraphs. In the first paragraph I would like you to discuss the local river, the River Tyne. In the second paragraph, you will focus on what water pollution is and how it is caused. In your final paragraph I would like you to describe the effects of water pollution and what support you think Northumbria Water can offer us in looking after our local river.

I have attached a letter I wrote to help you.

Pollution example letter


For our Music lesson this week I would like you to carry on using body percussion. Follow the instructions on the slides.

Using body percussion to understand the rhythm

080221 Body percussion grid


Your spelling rule for this week is ‘a’ spelt ‘ai’

Enjoy completing the task and remember to practice each day, we will do our spellings on Thursday of this week.

080221 Spellings

Excellent work everyone.

Mrs Bishop